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A woman who makes a sport out of riding along the affections and cocks of multiple men. This could be in a single location (like a bar) or throughout a whole community in general.
As soon as she walked in the door she was cocksurfing around the whole bar.

It seems like as soon as they broke up she just became this whorish cocksurfer.

cock whore slut cockmonger easy penis dick
by CaesarSPQR May 17, 2010
8 1
someone who likes to surf, but comes into more contact with cocks than waves. They essentially are very homosexual, and are open about it.
I saw that dude tear up the waves the other day, too bad he isn't out everyday practicing cause he's a cock surfer.
by Kdawg3000 June 30, 2006
13 4
someone who likes to get fucked by one cock after another

"Lisa was the main attraction in a 15-man gangbang. She would ride one cock for a few minutes then go to the next. She's the best cock surfer I've ever seen."
by sockboy666 July 14, 2009
2 0