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1. What you call your enemy when you tell him or her to back the fuck off.
2. What you call your friend as an endearment, mainly used in this case as an acronym (CSF).
1. "Listen up, cocksuckerface, I am going to dot your motherfucking eyes."
2. "Yeah, you had a pretty good fantasy draft... CSF."
by tonyknipl September 23, 2009
3 2
The constant expression on Megan Fox's face. Its Her trademark facial expression that makes her so appealing to men and launched her talentless career.

fuckin, mouth breathing, hot slut.
"Sometimes when that Megan Fox bitch makes that cock sucker face I want to punch her in the mouth cause I cant tell if she is looking snobby and arogant or if she does infact want to suck my cock."
by 123jerk May 05, 2010
9 1
a bitch who sucks cock or a landlord that is a fuckin goof cuz we all know what they can be like or just a good name for someone
"man that bitch sucks lots of cock, yeah man shes a cocksucker face thats for sure"

"landlord says, you owe me $25 from last month, fuck you cocksucker face"
by v551man August 25, 2007
12 7