The act of trying to hide a boner in a group of people of public place.
I was a cock smuggler when the teacher called me up to the board.
by MSD12367 December 13, 2009
Top Definition
One with the profession of smuggling cocks across the border, hidden inside one's asshole.
Pedro is such a cocksmuggler, I hear the size of his happy-hole makes puppies cry.
by Nikola February 03, 2004
smuggler of the cock.
joe smuggled some cock into his asshole.
by pro-nun-see-a-shun May 27, 2003
A male or (usually) female who is sexually promiscuous.
"Two guys in one night? You're such a cock smuggler!"
"Look who's talking, you did twice that many once."
"Yeah but I was in committed relationships with each one of them."
by the letter d August 26, 2007
One who sneaks cock across the border of two countries in order to avoid paying taxes on said cock. Usually through posterior means.
Mikayla brought 150 cocks into this country illegally, she's a cock smuggler
by LTronHubbard August 10, 2008
a lame person or an asshole
that guy's such a cocksmuggler.
by Anonymous September 18, 2003
The root of this word originates from the action of concealing dick and transporting across the border. This is typically done with a dick in the ass. This typically requires a gay man or a straight man who hasn't came out yet. But this term has come to mean someone who takes it regularly from illegals or foreign men typically referring to Mexicans.
Ivan goes to Mexico monthly and hooks up with plenty of young Latino men, he is the biggest "cock smuggler" I know.
by Shahin Roy October 26, 2011
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