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a slave to the cock, could me male or female, preferrable male
Shut up you stupid cockslave.
by your mom December 27, 2004
19 11
1. A sexual partner that you can have your way with anytime you want.
2. A girl that is a total freak and loves dick.
1. I have nailed Britney so many times that I am bored of her being my cock slave.
2. Pam Anderson is such a cock slave.
by toast455 July 06, 2005
108 28
A woman or a man who is a subservient sexual slave to a dominant male.

The persons sole purpose would be sexual gratification of said male.

This term has a more violent & lustful and less kinky connotation than a regular submissive.
That woman is so given to lustful desire she is destined to become satan's cockslave.
by DB January 13, 2005
49 12
Someone who worships the male sex organ.
Ben Beaton is such a cock slave.
by Annoymous July 31, 2003
35 29
A man under the influence of a cocks power
"Lets knock for Jimmy!"
"Nah , hes a cock slave"
by Sam Permain February 24, 2005
16 29