(n.) A pest-bug with an ability to rebound from danger, and famous for being a sign of a dirty house, and being able to withstand a nuclear war.

Similarly, it can refer to an annoying human who seems to be indestructable, yet annoying to those who don't have the ability to annoy themselves.
Dis man, he is a cock-a-roach.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 12, 2004
A term coined in reference to a slutty female who will do anything for cock, usually involving getting what she wants by throwing herself at boys. Like a cockroach in that she is dirty and STI ridden, but still boys cant help but screw around with her.
Cyril: "I read that girl's medical history, man, she is such a cockroach!"
Betty: "No duh, she is worse than any slut I have ever come across"
by Delila the C grade pornstar April 25, 2009
In a game of Risk, to sneak a single army unit into an underprotected corner of an opponent's continent, preventing him/her from collecting extra armies on their next turn.
Player A has all of Asia and is hoping to collect 7 additional armies on his next turn. But then Player B captures Siam, effectively cockroaching Player A.
by YaoPau May 15, 2008
a girl in high school claiming to be a lesbian
These girls at my school came out as lesbians, like cockroaches out of the woods.
by danzaa November 18, 2010
A Dallas Cowboy fan not from Texas. A fan of a winning team that has no reason to be, other than being a bandwagoner and front runner.
"Did you see the Cockroaches around the Linc?"
by AlBudTom February 07, 2009
a woman with an ugly face but a smokin hot body.

Refering to the fact: when a cockroach's head is seperated from body, the body will still function for days.
mating candidade 1:
see that girl over on the dance floor, i'd like to tickle her schnicle...

mating candidate 2:
not worth the trip man, she's a cockroach.
by concrete general October 14, 2007
Cockney rhyming slang for 'coach'.
Sidney: My brother-in-law, he is in the coach business. He lets it out for outings and old age pensioners. I drive for him in me spare time.

Ms. Courtney: Would you like to go and ring him Sidney?

Sidney: Oh don't worry, I'll pop around the corner; it's not very far. I'll be back in 10 minutes with a cockroach.

Mr. Brown: A what?

Sidney: With a coach!
by deathmetalfan April 15, 2011
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