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when someone likes semen in their butt, and enjoys saying words like MURRRRRRRRRRRR
I should just smack that cockhustler with my shaft, and see him die right before my eyes.
by mr.hunk June 03, 2003
2 2
One who hustles cock. A female, or a gay male, who just can't get enough cock, through whatever means available, in whatever hole is available.
Rob from the Melting Pot is such a cock hustler, that he loses cocks in his own ass. And his mom's a whore.
by Anonymous1013 January 28, 2006
14 4
someone who may be a cockjockey,and loves to bounce(on a penis) without the addition of a saddle. Also see Murgay for a description of a human that might follow through with this word.
damn you cockhuslter stole my corn
by June 02, 2003
2 0