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A redneck version of a playboy, synonym of horndog.
Bubba is such a cockhound, he'd hump his own momma.
by danw December 22, 2003
24 26
Usually a female who hounds (loves) the cock. She loves fucking, sucking, stroking and licking the cock. Taking the cock up her ass makes her feel like a kid in a candy store.
Nicole Davis is a cock hound slut!
by Cheese October 23, 2003
136 26
To chase after cock like a hound chases a fox. One who wants cock over and over and over and over again.
by Blitz March 06, 2003
42 17
1. A rowdy homosexual

2. A slut or whore: promiscuous
1. For a homosxual: "Dirty cock-hounds looking for a bum..."

2. For a woman: "She's a greedy little cock-hound, isn't she"
by Dave Buchan May 22, 2006
41 21
a term reserved for a woman who just recently had her first meat injection and now is over come with the need for more cock.
Dude I knew once Jamie lost her virginity she would be a total cockhound.
by spatchboy January 03, 2009
21 4
(Noun) Any person male or female who is on the constant hunt of the cock. They can not sleep, drink, work, or eat without constantly being on the trail. They are the bloodhound for the penis. They like them big thick and juicy.
Terri(y) is constantly looking for cock, she/he is a cock hound.
by taterus maximus April 11, 2009
22 7
The Dick Bandits sidekick. This is usually some sort of retriever and aides the Dick Bandit by sniffing out potential cocks to steal.
I went to pet your dog and he totally stole my dick, he is such a Cock Hound!
by Dick Bandit Detective September 23, 2009
26 14
A male that has little control over his sexual desire.
pussy means more to him than anything else, he is a real cock hound.
by Player jay April 23, 2011
10 4