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Inner Northern suburb of Melbourne, in between Brunswick and Fawkner. Populated by a diverse ethnic population, including Lebanese, Turkish, Greek, Italian and Slavic. Formerly a working-class area, but becoming fashionable due to its proximity to Brunswick and Sydney Road.
Let's head to Coburg and have a meal on Sydney Road.
by Jani K September 29, 2005
As mentioned above; an inner-city suburb in Melbourne, Australia. Surrounded by Brunswick, Fawkner etc.

Although, what was not mentioned; the heartbeat of Melbourne, where it's all at, where the shit goes down, the pride of Australia. The best suburb in the world, simply.
Person 1; Let's head down to the 'Burg niggah!

Person 2; Coburg? Fuck yeah, the best suburb in the world!

Person 1; You got that right...
by Le Combat September 11, 2006
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