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A car that started production in 2008. One of the fastest fwd producion cars in the world, both on the 1/4mile and road courses, even tho it is still underestimated by both the tuner and muscle crowd but it is earning its reputation by winning races. This version of the of the cobalt ss responds VERY well to basic modifications, in some cases gaining 50whp and 100wtq off of a tune alone thanks to the STOCK twinscroll k04 turbo. The main downside to this car is that without a tune anything you do to the car performance wise is a waste of time and money because the ECU will not let you gain any peak hp or tq due to the "learn down" system. Thankfully once you get past the initial down fall of the "learn down" system the car is great, and so is the 2.0L motor that is basically fully built from factory and proven to be able to hold up to 550hp stock.
yo did you see that cobalt at the track he ran 12.6 @ 114 on street tires, i thought he had a ton of money under the hood but when i talked to him and he said all he had done was a tune, downpipe, and a drop in air filter... i NEED to get a cobalt ss/tc right now
by Widowedeight October 14, 2009
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