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-a coach from Santa Monica High School who teaches shot-put and discuss for the school's track team
-a tall, dark, and husky man who is not married and is looking for a wife soon.
-also, a teacher for retarded kids who can not help themselves in stupid subjects like first-grade mathamatics or preschool biology.
Student #1- "Ey did you see coach greg the other day?"
Student #2- "Yah man! He started to beat the crap out of me because i didn't stay at school until 7 at night to practice throwing balls (the shot put)."
Student #1- "Dude dont worry about it, he has nobody to be with so he just keeps you after school to be with him"
Student #2- "Yah i know, whatever man!"
Student #1- "Okay. Bye"
by Elmer Cady December 25, 2007
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