to partake in the vicious act of beating the shit out of a homie or dawg
"Ashley wants us to help her go clubbin over at WalMart"
by hEaThEr December 22, 2003
Top Definition
The process of going to a club
"Damn homie, we gotta do some mad clubbin tonight fosheezy"
by Shanty April 01, 2003
Touring various bars and clubs to check out the girls while in college
We went clubbin last night instead of studying for the test
by Dave & Amy Moore January 17, 2009
Taco Bell.

Clubbin because of the commercial with the club chalupas in which 3 guys were like, u guys wanna go clubbin? ya, lets go to clubbin at the bell.
guy 1: Ready to go clubbin?
guy 2: Where at, the usual spot?
guy 3: Ya, im gonna get some crunchwraps at clubbin tonite.
by Ro- Nald August 21, 2006
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