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a game where you dress up as a virtual penguin, but for most kids its too virtually date other penguins and harass one another.

ex, throwing snowballs, cheating on one another, making hearts, going in other peoples igloos other than your gf/bf, etc.
dude! i had the biggest fight on club penguin it was hilarious
by ananoymous April 03, 2008
Where spare time goes to die.
Dude, Club Penguin is older than Jesus.
by bat_hero May 02, 2009
Club Penguin is a gay virtual world where people make penguins and go on dates with people they don't know.
It's also full of faggots that ask to be your friend as soon as you come in the room! :D
by WildCanLose June 05, 2010
Club Penguin is a flash animation game, similar to RuneScape, but geared towards children. It is a wonderful little safe environment with strong word filters and other safety features. It was made for children to have fun and interact whilst remaining safe. puffles were introduced as pets in Club Penguin.
Do you have a club penguin account. My penguin's name is Crazy Happy. Add me as a buddy.
by McHobbes July 21, 2006
A game which is aimed for the younger generation.
Originally it was not partnered with Disney.

Now that it has partnered with Disney it became more lame and is the most crappiest game in the world ever!
look its club penguin the dumb game!
by cinos11 April 24, 2010
A place where you can be a penguin and has a strict chat but people still go on dates and do it on their couches.
Jojogurl15: I love Club Penguin. I went on a date yesterday. We had some fun on the couch.
Purplyhubub: Me too!!! Except we had fun in the back seats of the stage. But I did get banned.
by jojogurl15 February 11, 2011
Club penguin another useless game like habbo you create your own penguin and go around throwing snowballs at other penguins play silly games to earn credits this is the funny part u gotta pay monthly just to wear clothes on the game well wot u expect a rip off game like habbo just looking for money making your life worser.
do not play club penguin do not play club penguin do not play club penguin
by Homie145 May 03, 2006
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