1. A site where you go and kick the little kids' asses in sled racing
Man! i just pwned all the little kids in ClubPenguin!
by WorstCaseSenario April 12, 2010
Humanity's final answer to the question of reality and the human condition.
Club Penguin is the final bastion of hope for mankind.
by Yosheek June 19, 2011
A waste of time and money.
My child has had a Club Penguin account since 2007! She begged and begged me for a membership after a week! We still paid the recurring membership until 2012 and it cost almost 400 bucks! She was addicted to it even in high school and lost friends at school while trying to earn coins! I caught her playing last year and she was blowing another penguin! Don't let your child play Club Penguin if you know what's good for you!
by bluerayo October 17, 2013
i would have to say that clubpenguin is fun when u start and then after a while u want to be a member and then u pay 5$ a month and u fucking never go on anymore cuz its so boring!!!
Dont try it i mean go on make a user and all that but after a while u will hat the whole fucking idea!

by SADSA September 14, 2006
A virtual game involving changing you outfit, igloo, and friends. An internet game which is played by kids in different languages.
Go get on Club Penguin after school.
by Mr. Burns Armies April 28, 2013
An interactive online site for kids that you go on during vacation because you're just too damn bored. I played this shit for five years and it's the best shiznit iv'e ever done! It's fucking amazing, like a godamn orgasm while getting blowjob from an orca whale. Feels like motherfucking penguins are up my ass!!! Make an account!!!
Nicole - vacation just started, and I'm so bored! What should I do???
Daniel - How about you check out Club Penguin? It's awesome!
by Lonon9856 December 30, 2012
A fun little game where children can make a penguin, make new friends, and go on fun adventures.
go to clubpenguin.com
club penguin club penguin!
You might also want to see Panfu.
by u2dvdbono September 04, 2010

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