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A curious redness surrounding the mouth region of one's face. Clownitis is often accompanied by extreme acne in the same region.
Jim: Did that kid get punched in the mouth?
Rondell: No thats just his clownitis, he's had it for months.
by Bertrand McNally November 02, 2005
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A swelling and redness around the mouth, similar in appearance to acne. This skin condition occurs when dried and crusted seman clogging the pores of ones face. It is generally common for a cockglobler to get this condition.
Did you see the clownitis on Jame's face?! He must be sucking a lot of cock these days.
by Charles Joseph Hollis IV November 06, 2005
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A sexual disease transmitted by having sexual relations with a clown. It Causes odd bright colouring in the genital regions, much like a rainbow clown wig.
Person Inflicted:Doctor my hair has turned bright green.
Gyno: Ah yes you seem to be suffering from clownitis.
by Toest January 28, 2009
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