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Driving around the freeway ramps while receiving a blow job When BJ is done you can continue your journey.
Sorry I'm late, I got a cloverleaf on my way over.
by 12bgd November 07, 2007
1 25
The sexual gang-banging of a male unicorn by a party of four, at least two of whom are male. The unicorn penetrates two individuals, one with horn and one with penis, while being penetrated, in turn, orally and anally.

The term derives from a cloverleaf on a freeway that features at least two on-ramps and two off-ramps — Two points of entry, two points of exit.
We had only been playing Dungeons & Dragons for about half an hour before the whole party forgot its quest and started cloverleafing the hell out of a Unicorn.
by Jerry Gygax November 14, 2011
8 1