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Both parties don 3-D glasses; the man comes on his partner's face then puts his balls in her eyes.
Melinda received a text from her boyfriend Brandon that read "Tonight, after the party, I predict it will be cloudy with a chance of meatballs"
by rockymountaintaco September 19, 2009
A very funny movie based on the 20 page children's book, even though it's nothing like it. Flint is a very... strange... guy around 17 I'm guessing who is thoroughly hated. He lives on a very small island hidden under the A in Atlantic Ocean on the map. He has all kinds of weirdo inventions that just cause destruction. He has a monkey named Steve who has a Monkey Thought Translator so we know what he's thinking. One day Flint invents a machine,FLDSMDFR, that turns water into food, which is a good thing because all his town has to eat are sardines. Accidentally, the FLDSMDFR ends up in the sky where it sucks up the rain from the clouds and turns it into food. Everything was great until the mayor became obsessed (and really super fat) and kept ordering too much food from the FLDSMDFR. The food got bigger and bigger. It became a big threat to the island. Flint, Sam, Brent, and Manny stop the machine and everything is OK. To stop the FLDSMDFR, Flint had to stay behind to spray the opening with Spray-On Shoes, and it explodes. Flint is carried down by the Ratbirds in a very cliche way, with half his hair burnt off.
Flint's inventions:
Ratbirds (eat citizens)
Flying Car (it had no wings)
Hair Unbalder(grows hair everywhere)
Remote Controlled T.V. (walks and destroys things)
Spray-On Shoes (don't come off)

Funny quotes from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs:
Earl Devereaux: You see this contact lens?
Flint Lockwood: Yeah?
Earl Devereaux: This contact lens represents you! And my eye represents my eye!
Puts on contact lens
Earl Devereaux: I've got my *eye* on you!

Flint Lockwood: after realizing Spray-On Shoes don't come off I wanted to run away, but you can't run away from your own feet.

Sam Sparks: Can you keep a secret?
Flint Lockwood: No.
awkward pause
Flint Lockwood: But this time, sure. Yeah.
Sam Sparks: sighs Ok. It was a really long time ago but... I, too. was... a *nerd!*
Flint Lockwood: blankly Too?
by invader Jenna September 02, 2010
A sexual act. When a man or woman stands over their lover and proceeds to fart and pee on them creating the effect of Thunder and Showers with the final act of defecating on their forehead. The meat ball...
Woman-"Honey, any chance it will be Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs tonight???"
by AntNBun January 12, 2016

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