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(A disorder: the cure is within yourself) When one finds it hard to think or find the right words to say in any situation. The feeling of a cloud in your mind fogging up your intelligence and knowledge. Depersonalization. If you feel out of touch with the world just, "Be water, my friend"-Bruce Lee (being able to become and adapt to anything your put in like how water becomes a bottle if its pour it in it, or how water becomes a cup if you poured it in that).
If somebody is talking about a subject you love and you want to join in the conversation but just don't have the words to make it interesting or as if you know anything on the subject, that's the clouding of consciousness. Might not make sense to people, but that's probably because you live in the normal social world while I'm desperately trying to get there, but these two demons named Awkward and Anxiety keep trying to prevent me from getting to my destination.
by Unique but an Awkward Reality February 02, 2014
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