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When an outfit has too much going on, or when your sneakers get scuffed.
Oh snap! I just bought these white Nikes and now they're all clouded!
by guerita1214 March 01, 2009
5 16
haters, full of hate, procrastinator, , those who pass judgement, people who tell lies, A person that is sneaky, Someone up to no good, full of shit, some who is considered a bull shitter, Some who is considered fake
That dude is clouded, dont believe what he says; Trust word is good..i'm never clouded; You're clouded fam, stop hating on everybody; You gotta watch out for the girls that's clouded;
by aceprimo October 21, 2011
112 13
one who has walked into someone else's fart
"whats that smell?" you got clouded!
by anthony malfatti December 09, 2006
41 28
To be brought up by the cloud and placed back into a the race track in mario kart 64.
"Oh shit bitch you straight runned off the course!"
"I know I know and now im about to get clouded!"
by Figgie Smalls February 27, 2009
21 16
Data stored in the cloud. That is upclouded / uploaded to the cloud for safe keeping and storage.
Arthur, you need to upcloud your data these days. Once it is clouded, it is safe and secure.
by justoneword September 13, 2012
1 1
Word to describe the state of mind of someone who has taken many bongloads; similar to faded.
"man, I'm all clouded...let's go see the Aristocrats"
by nofxmikeb October 27, 2005
15 22
To be clouded. To die. Derives from MMORPG Illarion old client, in which when you died you would become a cloud.
"Haha, he got clouded"
by William Elderberry July 24, 2006
18 34