Abbreviation for closet homosexual. Someone who is uncomfortable with confronting the reality of their sexual orrientation. A pixie that hasn't yet grown its wings to fly free. Rhymes with DOMO.
That guy is a homo. No, no, he isnt out yet. Oh ok,...then he's a CLOMO. LMAO!
by "Spring Break Brittany" May 12, 2010
Top Definition
One whom is in denial regarding their homosexual preference.
Bob: BRO, lets play pool basketball! If you don't want to play then you're gay...FAG!!!!
Curtis: Why, so you can "accidentally" grab my balls again, you clomo?
by turfburn29 November 24, 2009
Closet mo. as in homo.
Dont be such a clomo, take it in the ass like a man.
by trevor wade December 29, 2005

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