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A particularly whirly pube that has detached itself from it's owner only to be deposited in an often unbecoming location such as a desk in the office or the rim of a toilet.
"Marjorie, bring a tissue will you, I've just been out to the kitchen to prepare my lunch and some shitcunt has left a clockspring on the breadboard"

"Good afternoon everyone, i've just been into trap 2 and there's slash all over the place and a big, curly clockspring on the porcelaine, whoever is responsible please go clean it up"
by Bert Mandrake September 06, 2007
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Big curly pubes
As I showered I noticed several clock springs attached to the soap.
by Dead April 22, 2003
8 1
the pubic hairs visible petruding the panty lining when a woman parts her legs wearing a dress or skirt for the titillation of young virile men
fuck me look at the clock springs showing there - she need a quim trim
by toynostalgiaman January 06, 2006
6 3