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French slang for a 'sans domicile fixe' which translates as a homeless person or to put it in it's context, a hobo, a bum, a beggar.

A 'clochard' however is specific to France. As there is an abundance of cheap wine, the clochard is usually seen drinking this instead of the U.K. equivalent of a bottle of white lightening.

In addition, they are always on the Metro and RER of Paris, usually trying to get money or a 'ticket restaurant' off you. The more adventurous ones may provide entertainment, especially on the RER B if it is a direct train to CDG airport. This year I have encountered a puppet show, an accordeon player and some woman who sings for about 10 minutes. Surely these deserve a 10c piece?
Regarde ca la bas! Clochard!

Oh my God, If I have to sit text to another clochard who shits himself on the way to uni again, I am going to die.
by The Master of Definitions June 09, 2006

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A french male homeless person living in the streets, only taking care to get enough money for food & vast quantities of cheap wine from begging & panhandling. Found 'pitoresque' by tourists in Paris, they are often sleeping under Seine bridges. the female is clocharde. A dying breed, equivalent of the tramp or bum
Maigret and the clochard
by Dirty Danny September 03, 2005