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erotic fiction (mostly aimed at women)

a play on words from chick-lit
'have you read the latest black lace clitlit?'
by Alisiemar February 03, 2010
4 1
Trash novels, TV and movies written by, for and about self-centred women looking for men to stimulate their vaginas and to sponge money off.
In the Library: "Where can I find 'Bitchette Jones' Diary' and 'Slags in the City'?"
Librarian: "They're in the Clit Lit section, Madam, next to the 'How to use your vibrator' manuals. It's easy to find - there are lots of other boring bitches with cardboard-cutout personalities browsing the shelves over there."
by Maeve Bitchy May 24, 2008
145 51
chick lit, what it is.
"Sex and the City" is clit lit filmed for TV. Whatever girls read whenever they're not envying the sins of Lindsay Lohan.
by blingerama June 02, 2007
30 13
Fiction, expecially literary fiction, written to promote philogynistic or gender-preferential political, philosphical or artistic agendas and attitudes. Frequently written by talented, but pissy novelistas, who pass all thoughts and words through the gender blender before publishing. Tendency to be sanctimonious and gender-issue-oriented; tendency to be boring to all except True Believers.
I'd rather swim the Channel with rocks in my pockets than read clit lit, you know, like stuff by Gertrude Stein, Woolf, Steinem, Dinensen, Mary McCarthy or Erica Jong.
by Richard Hofheimer February 11, 2009
17 17