A person who is clingy in a romantic relationship but is also equally kinky. Very clingy individuals may allow anal penetration or swallow semen from their partners in the hopes of making up for their neediness that may result in a break-up. So the ratio goes: the higher the level of the neediness, the more likely to put out during sex.
Kino: I was about to break up with Dianne until she got down on her knees and gave me a sweet blow job.

Dwayne: She spit your load?

Kino: No, She swallowed every drop.

Dwayne: Man, yo girl is clinky!
by mister creampie September 18, 2010
Top Definition
When a women has an extremely large clit that resembles a small winky(penis), thus creating the clinky. The clinky can be suckled gently and occasionally inserted into a waiting vagina or anus. The clinky is usually used to finger the penis slit, although any orifice will suffice.
Doug: Ew Emma your clit is so big.

Emma: Fuck off Doug its not my fault.

Doug: Shitfuck that thing looks like a small winky.

Emma: Leave my clinky alone! (emma runs away to cry and wank her small penis head)

Doug: Fucking clinky bitch.
by dougfuckingbry April 04, 2016
When a person takes a selfie and posts it on all their social media pages and sends it to everyone they know. A female is usually clinky.
She's so clinky, isn't she? I mean, her selfies aren't even that good!

Did you see that selfie she posted? She's so clinky, she sent it to me, like, five times!
by Jellyhoneybunny July 21, 2016
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