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When it (poop) comes out, even though you're holding it in.
The small child clinchpooped in the grocery store, despite its recent potty training.
by timothy15782 August 18, 2006
a moronic person; an idiot.
Man, that guy is such a clinchpoop!
by Michelle V. August 29, 2005
The first stool passed after constipation.
I am so happy my clinchpoop has been passed.
by momo moo cow :) November 18, 2009
The act of sodomizing someone whilst that person is defecating.
Man, I've been going out with Barbara for six months. I hope she'll let me clinchpoop 'er.
by Cliid May 24, 2009
A tight ass ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Man that dude is such a clinchpoop.
by STONER DUDE August 15, 2006