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The moniker given to New York Governor Elliot Spitzer by the Emperor's Club VIP. Now used to talk about anyone of high social standing when situtations dictate discretion.
The Cooker: "You here about this situation with Gov. Spitzer?"
Pete Dick: "You mean client number nine?"
The Cooker: "Oh yeah, my bad."
by Pete Dick March 10, 2008
1) Former NY governor Elliot Spitzer, who was given this designation by a call girl ring to protect his identity.
2)What one pitcher calls the opposing pitcher in the National League when he homers off of him. Cause he's his bitch.
3)A John who can manage to move his bowels 4 1/2 times during a single session with a prostitute.
1) Madam- Take client number nine tonight, and wear make him wear a rubber helmet.
Hillary (not her real name)- Good thing you're not running the witness protection program.
Madam- Shut your pie hole, and get on your back!
2) In 2001, Mike Hampton was client #9 to seven hurlers, but he was playing in Colorado, where I think prostitution is legal.
3) Madam- Take client number nine tonight, and bring some baby-wipes.
Hillary- **GROAN***
by wisk March 13, 2008
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