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A person that, following the mass consumption of alcohol, turns into a compulsive thief. When sober, the clepto inebriato knows that stealing is wrong and would never do it. The thievery usually occurs soon after crossing the line between "wasted" and "blackout". Because of this, clepto inebriatos usually wake up to various possessions in their bed. These possessions typically include trophies, sunglasses, shot glasses, half full liquor bottles, and most commonly, shirts.

Once a clepto inebriato, always a clepto inebriato.
Samantha: Do you know anyone missing a bow tie or a fake fruit basket?

Kristy: No, why?

Samantha: Well, I guess I went all clepto inebriato again last night and took some stuff from that party. I just woke and I had all this random stuff on my dresser.
by Maniels November 01, 2011
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