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Chief Law Enforcement Officer, or Sheriff. The guy you need to get to sign off on your BATF Form 4 before the the BATF will approve a civilian for legally owning a machinegun or silencer.
My CLEO won't sign off on my Form 4. But, I'll be moving to Colt County in a month and then I'm goning to get me a machine gun because the Colt Co. CLEO will sign-off.
by Ricardovitz May 13, 2009
443 106
A woman of statuesque beauty, an incomparable lady of luxury
That Beyonce, what a Cleo!
by Hooker69 January 09, 2006
264 163
A female name. Anyone who has this name is very lucky!

Cleo's are absolutely AWESOME. They are attractive, voluptuous, feminine, sexy, true friends, very out-going and extremely intelligent. Cleo's are sometimes lazy but never careless or arrogant. They are strong-willed, fearless and a confident companion. An absolute goddess. Pure awesomeness.
Her qualities and potential intimidate many She is the sweetest of all creatures. Her name must be Cleo
by theonlygirlintheworld100 June 30, 2011
88 44
A person who is basically the man. He's pretty athletic and a real flirt. He says cool stuff like "shit was so cash" because he can. People strive to be him. Oh, and his last name is Kontoulas
Friend: Damn Cleo you were seriously spittin some mad game last night.

Cleo: Yeah shit was so cash
by KleoKontoulas September 08, 2010
115 104
The most awesome troll on Yahoo! Answers.
She is known for having the recipe to her daddy's sausages, they are so yummy they are nice and juicy and tender.
Six more accounts until she reaches her goal, 69 suspensions.
Her e-enemy is : Hottestchix yaknow
ChairWizard: Where is Cleo? I haven't saw her in a while. We need to get some JFC soon!
BT: Probably eating her daddy's delicious sausage
by ThyPipallo September 10, 2011
30 42
Amazing! Better than you or anything else.
Wow you are looking so cleo today!
by Matty1d July 13, 2006
78 90
the space at the center of the bellybutton.

if there's funk inside of he bellybutton, the cleo can be difficult to spot. that situation is called a missy-cleo.

the cleo smells kind of funky but can be used for many pleasurable things if you read between the lines.
guy- hey, wanna see my cleo?

girl- ew no
by hgfgtbhjknmnyu January 15, 2011
13 44