Something that started out as a good idea - a site where you can find all your old classmates, find out where they are now. Unfortunately, it's now little more than a scam site. They send you an e-mail claiming that old classmates are trying to contact you and you need to pay for a membership to see their messages (yes, you have to pay real money for a membership to actually do anything *coughcough*Club Penguin*coughcough*). Once these bitches have your credit card number, though, you're screwed. No, your old friends from seventh grade were NOT trying to contact you, and you just gave them your paycheck for nothing. They claim they'll cancel your membership but they never do. You'll probably never hear from them again. Supposedly, one time this woman named Sharon joined, and when she tried to delete her account one of the employees changed her first name to "FUCK YOU" and her last name to "SHARON." Thus, her profile name read "FUCK YOU SHARON." This isn't a site you should ever sign up for; if you want to find old classmates, use Facebook.

Unsurprisingly, has been sued twice for fraud. More likely than not, they are going to be completely bankrupt by 2013.
My friend Emily signed up for and found only one high school friend (who hadn't updated their profile in 2 years). She wanted to see their profile so she handed over the $59 they were charging for a gold membership. Once she realized nobody used it anymore, she e-mailed them asking to cancel her gold membership. She never got an e-mail (or her money) back.
by Disvan September 25, 2010
Top Definition
The worlds leading dot com organization in producing annoying pop up ads.
Wow Vic, wants me to become a gold member! How extravegant!
by pinecon August 29, 2004
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