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Classendary is an adjective reserved to describe the most awesome, aweinspiring and fantastic things in every day life. The word classendary is derived from the English words, "classic" and "legendary" to form one word that sum up a feel of total euphoria and happiness in a moment.

Things that can be described as "classendary" include:
- Daniel Ferg
- Hitching a lift home with an Irish guy from a party the night before
- Trains
- Watching a person get harveyed
- An unusually comical event
- The name Dave

Somthing that is classendary usually lives for ever in the memories of those who christen it as classendary. Classendary is the highest rating of the Joss-o-meter.
Dave - "Do you remember that time when we clapped in Harvey's mum while singing, "you're not drinking, you're not drinking, you're not drinking any more?"

Me - "Yeah, it was classendary."
by Jermain Jerome October 01, 2006
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