A suet pudding, from Bedfordshite. Similar to a Cornish Pasty, but with a savorury filling at one end (usually meat) and a sweet filling at the other (usually jam)
I ate a clanger for my tea.
by Mark Brown September 17, 2006
Mr Holmes when entering the glow of the freshly painted set unzipped his fly for the fluffer and stated triumphantly, "'Ere lass, wrap your laughing gear around my unfurled and twitching clanger if you will.
by Noa Utos June 23, 2011
Affectionate term often used to describe ones testicles.
Maybe due to the noise they make ?
I don't know how Martin managed to talk with his mouth full of clangers.
by Jukes August 05, 2005
originates from clanger english for mistake
a full on fuck up when giving the flange a good seeing to. a clanger can only be performed whilst giving head
"oh did u get with hudson last night"
"yeah he pulled a full on clanger"
"gutted get him a guide book or some shit"
"yeah banging mate"
by kyleking August 31, 2006
from the metaphor of a prisoner in jail 'clanging' on his bars. A clanger is someone who would get you in tossed in jail. Usually used in the same context as jailbait.

synonym : jailbait.
Stay away from that clanger or you'll be washing Bubba's back.
by o8sidian August 25, 2004
an extremely funny moment, comment or joke. not just any funny, but the kind of funny that makes you piss your pants and lose your breath with uncontrollable laughter.

dropping a clanger is when someone has
- 'hey clown, ben just dropped a clanger and you missed it'

- 'hey muj just beat kaney at scrabble - it was a total clanger'
by the dirty sanchez April 12, 2005
Fecal matter that sticks to butt hairs and hang about.
James doesn't wipe his arse properly, He's got Clangers!
by MastaTea June 14, 2015

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