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1. to discover, unexpectedly a hairy vagina (while performing oral sex)

2. to be ambushed by excessive pubic hair, when removing a female's panties
I got clambushed going down on the chick I picked up at the bar last night.
by PMS_ August 05, 2008

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(1)(v) To undermine another woman; to bring attention to yourself at the expense of another woman; especially by a sneak attack. Derived from ambush: lying in wait to execute a surprise attack.
(2) (v) To lie in clambush.
I was explaining my philosophy of life to this big dumb stud and Veronica clambushed me by saying that "Einstein already said that shit". Oh no you DIDN'T just rip that cock out of my mouth, you little clambusher!!!!!!!!!
by Towanda Wilkins and March 07, 2005