A female version of the teabag. Thus, putting the vagina on the face of someone sleeping or passed out.
After Jeff passed out on the couch, none of the guys were ballsy enough to give him a teabag, so Sherri manned up and gave him a clam hat.
by SteveEH May 02, 2007
Top Definition
Another term for the clitoris.
I got Mary off by rubbing her clam hat.
by jizzcock May 09, 2003
What the letter C is for as said by bunny from retarded animal babies
C is for Clam Hat ~bunny from retarded animal babies
by some guy someplace May 22, 2005
Her clam-hat is red and swollen
by janet and tom October 07, 2003
1. an individual who has a unibrow and a well defined forehead.
2. a nickname for truman hs debaters including, but not limited to, one nicknamed 'object'
3. another name for a loose vagina
1. "Geraldo Rivera has a clamhat that makes Sadaam Hussein jealous"
2. "What the hell? Damn, she is so loose, everytime she walks its like her clamhat is giving her a standing ovation"
by twh2025 August 16, 2005
A vagina so big that you could wear it as a hat.
Dude did you hear about Jess? I heard someone went down on her and saw she had a clamhat and ran away before his head got lost!
by jleighh87 December 06, 2009
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