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Like a crank shot, a clam shot is a photo of a female's junk, usually sent via text message by a randy whore who you probably just met.
I texted Tina to see what she was doing and next thing you know she sends me a clam shot. Looked like chopped liver. Needless to say, I went right over to her house.
by Larry Tiita September 12, 2009
1. A shot taken out of half of a clam shell. Preferably Sailor Jerry's taken out of a shell from Vancouver beach, best enjoyed in university dorms.

2. A quick lick of a female's vagina, just enough to taste, performed just prior to penetration.

3. A close-up shot of a vagina, taken by a not-so-classy broad of herself and sent to casual male acquaintances/sex interests via text.
Student 1: Man, studying for these exams is killing me.

Student 2: Fuck it, let's go take some clam shots in my room. I've got some Sailor Jerry's in the fridge.

Right before I put it in, I put my head down into her crotch and gave her a quick clam shot, just to tease her.

Dude, check out this clam shot Jenny sent me. I'm pretty sure you can see her kidneys.
by N. Hollywood December 29, 2013