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The Claire Approach is a superb new academic method being exercized by children across the globe. Originating in the east side of MilwaukeeGhettoAss Wisconsin by a young struggling teen of fifteen years of age. Ckat exerted her incredible knack for doing absolutely nothing. Noticing that this approach made life one HELL of a lot easier Ckat continued to use this approach for just about everything. Tests, homework, and just life in general. Because remember kids, "the harder you try the less you succeed."
Mcrab: "Freaking grease***** assigned this HUGEASS paper on the freaking transendentalists!!!!"
Ckat: "No worries, just use the CLAIRE APPROACH."
Mcrab: "NICE!"
by M-Crab-iet-playo-thesecond. November 15, 2007
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