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A Celtic ring that symbolizes love, friendship and loyalty. The two hands symbolize friendship, the heart, love; and the crown, loyalty. If worn on the right hand with the heart facing away from the wearer, this declares the wearer "foot-loose and fancy-free." Right hand with the heart toward the wearer means "spoken for." When worn on the left hand with the heart facing away from the wearer it means "betrothed" and with the heart facing the wearer, "wed."
"I'm going to go hit on that sexy red-headed chick!"

"Dude, better not, see that Claddaugh ring? It means she's taken..."
by luckie irish red May 18, 2005
An Irish ring with two hands grasping a heart with a crown... Meanings- On the right hand facing up it means you are available, on the right facing down means you are taken, but not engaged, on the left hand facing down it means you are engaged/ married.
Yesterday I went to the Irish store and bought a claddagh ring.
by CaraS April 29, 2005
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