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a system by which American authorities can legally seize your property if they suspect that it was used to make or sell drugs, or bought with drug money.
They don't have to prove anything, or have a warrant. They only need probable cause, which can be given by a drug dog scam. You may or not be charged with a crime, and you might never get your stuff back.
Ethel Hylton: "Why are you taking my money?"

Cop: "Civil Asset Forfeiture, ma'am. (Google it.) The dog smells drugs on your cash, so we're taking it all."

Ethel Hylton: "But I've never even touched any drugs."

Cop: "No, but your money has."

Ethel Hylton: "I'm innocent! I've done nothing wrong"

Cop: Relax, nobody's accusing you of anything. We're just taking your money. Forever."

Ethel Hylton: "wha...?"
by pseudoanonymous July 04, 2009
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