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a form of cheating on halo 2 where bridgers ip lock the party so that they get paired up evey game. you need 4-5 people of the same level (ususally high) to rotate between winning and loosing,(3-4 wins to a loss), at least 2 winners must be bridgers. also 1 perminant loosing bridger is needed and 1-2 perminant loosers. This is the fastest wasy of leveling up after level 37. also any noob can do it.
guy 1-"hey that guy is a 50, omg hes pro"
guy 2-"hes a noob circle booster, hes probably bad'
guy 1-"oh what a fucking faggot"
guy 2-"yeah lol"
by a1337prolol July 20, 2006