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a popularized exclamation from the mind of dane cook described in his walgreens/line-cutting skit. after a man leaves his shoes to hold his place in line, dane labels this unacceptable and budges the shoes. the man returns and fumingly expresses his distaste for dane. dane is rung up at the register and is leaving when the man proclaims 'ohh niceee!' -- dane tells us his audience the man might as well have said 'cinnamon bits' given his tone.

also, cinnamon bits are small pieces of spice broken off from the sweet, slightly spicy cinnamon stick
'oh cinnamon bits!' for when you are cut in line at 'the wal'

'these cinnamon bits are yummers!'
by LuNcH TaBlE FuN 20 May 01, 2006
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