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-someone who goes back to one girl who loves him only for sex.

-this person will also seriously enjoy getting drunk to the point where they will mutter their words incoherently.

-he is a mooch who will scheme until he gets his fill.

-he is likely to also not have any money on him or not enough gas in his car to be a designated driver.

-Anytime you hit this person, they will bitch about it for days on end

-This person has a knack of hocking up loogies and being seroiusly obnoxious with his mouth sounds and will always bitch about it when called out on it.

-sometimes will have the nickname of balls
Dude last night you were pulling such a Cimbal, that girl loves you and you totally use her for sex.
by Rosenqueer Bongwater October 15, 2009