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To throw.
Something extremely awesome
Im gunna be chunkin them balls tonite at the game.

Man that hotdog is chunkin
by Jeffery Justice August 31, 2008
5 6
To throw, word derived from the South.
Quit chunkin the ball in the house.
by IM March 30, 2005
18 11
When a percentage bar is slowly but surely moving forward in little chunks.
I had to sit and watch the torrent go chunkin along
by femalecats November 12, 2011
5 1
The act of throwing up, vomitting, puking by a female whilst being fucked doggy style.
Jenny threw chunkins all over the duvet.
by Shanghai Mitch June 16, 2011
1 1
meaning something is beyong cool; Cool in a large amount
Look at this shirt! isn't it chunkin'?
by Kayla Pape December 08, 2003
4 6
1) trippin' on campbells soup
2) to be under the influence of cocaine/ambien
M: What the hell is wrong with her?
EP: Hah, man, she's just chunkin
by kizzzat December 11, 2008
2 5