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To throw, word derived from the South.
Quit chunkin the ball in the house.
by IM March 30, 2005
When a percentage bar is slowly but surely moving forward in little chunks.
I had to sit and watch the torrent go chunkin along
by femalecats November 12, 2011
The act of throwing up, vomitting, puking by a female whilst being fucked doggy style.
Jenny threw chunkins all over the duvet.
by Shanghai Mitch June 16, 2011
To throw.
Something extremely awesome
Im gunna be chunkin them balls tonite at the game.

Man that hotdog is chunkin
by Jeffery Justice August 31, 2008
meaning something is beyong cool; Cool in a large amount
Look at this shirt! isn't it chunkin'?
by Kayla Pape December 08, 2003
1) trippin' on campbells soup
2) to be under the influence of cocaine/ambien
M: What the hell is wrong with her?
EP: Hah, man, she's just chunkin
by kizzzat December 11, 2008
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