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Chungalunga: (noun) One who is of the overweight group of the population. One who is over 275 lbs. or is dangerously close to being morbidly obese. One who could do something about their state of obesity but chooses not to and will continue to wear tight clothing.
Ex. 1 GOD DAMN! Look at that Chungalunga! Ex. 2 Have you been to McDonalds lately? There are quite the Chungalungas there. Ex. 3 That Chungalunga was all over you at the bar last night, dude.
by OmgItsBeanz October 07, 2012

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From the early 90's Pirates of Dark Water cartoon. Used by Ioz, Ren, and Tula. An exclamation meaning something along the lines of "holy crap" or "oh shit".
"Chunga Lunga! Bloth is off the starboard side! Ruuuun!"
"Dark water dead ahead, and Bloths on our tail, Chunga Lunga, how will we escape this one!?!"
by Syd <3 May 28, 2008