the extra skin hanging under an overweight persons chin. multiple form is chunsi....
that chick is so fat look at her chuns!
by alan steel August 29, 2008
Top Definition
Something that's remarkably lame and unsatisfactory.
That's so chun.
by Kayoo May 04, 2004
Chun is a word meaning incredibly lame or unsatisfactory, or a ripoff.
-We just chunned him hard when we stole all of his money

-This homework is chun
by sumwhatkiller November 30, 2010
a man with great talents and responsibility, mainly korean oriented but generally from a Asian country. And is extremely great with women in bed and outside of it.
jenny: oh my, do you see that Chun over there? so dreamy!
tia: i wish he would talk to us!
by studmuff2001 October 12, 2009
The word thats any word. Chun is extremly versitile in the english language. It can mean anything of your choice. As opposed to curseing or being offensive, chun is the placeholder of your literary dreams.
Hannah is a mother chunner.

Thats Chunnerific!

Hey, whats up chuns?
by THEARTOFCHUN September 22, 2009
An onomatopoeic term that describes the pal-muted open chord used regularly by metalcore bands in beatdowns.

Also refers to the bands and genres of music that use it.
"I cannot stop listening to chun!"
"That beatdown was totally chunnerific"
by civild July 05, 2007
Japanese for "semen." Also referred to as "respect given to women."
chun is power.
by Ageha January 15, 2010
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