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making someone look a fool or like a chump. playing someone for a fool. scamming on someone.
She's been stepping out on him for weeks. He has been chumped out.
by dudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee November 13, 2007
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(verb: Chump-out) When someone directs an especially clever or witty insult to some one such that the receiving party hasn't any possible come back. This is a non-confrontational insult that is commonly used in passing and non fighting manner and would be used between friends.

(noun: Chump-out) The clever hurled insult which is in fact true. A chump-out can be used in defense of a previous comment or on an offensive basis such that there would not be any retort from the other party.

(adjective: Chumped-out) The shame associated with being a victim of a clever insult. Chumped-out
University '1' student (Chumpee): "Hey nerd, where's your calculator? I need you to do some calculations for me!"

University '2' student (Chumper): " Any calculations that YOU'D need to do, I could do in my head."

(other University '1' student overhearing exchange: "YOU JUST GOT CHUMPED OUT LIKE A BIOTCH!"
by THESHAFT April 01, 2010

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