When one inserts a chunk of toffee into their buttocks and bends over while an acquaintance licks it out.
"Excuse me sir, would you care for a spot of chumming?"
by Georgeyboy1 February 13, 2008
to surf while one is menstruating, to sportt fish without a license

can be pronounced "chummin"
" Ohhh the waves were awesome, but I was 'chumming', I went out anyway."
by margeriejones October 25, 2011
When a fat nasty person eats food and gets shit all over their face, but they don't notice it and they just keep eating their food while you can't help but stare and vomit.
While Rachel was eating her sub a little mayonnaise dribbled down her face, but she didn't notice. Sean could only sit and stare in disgust and complete nausea as she kept chumming on her sub.
by CB.88 November 13, 2006
When a chick's skirt is so short she leaves her pussing stink trailing behind her in an attempt to lure a humping partner.
This hot weather should really help that skank out with her chumming.
by jw23longball January 23, 2010
A dating tactic involving the use of one's good looks to lure a less attractive mate into a one-sided and emotionally unsatisfying relationship.
(Taken from the crab fishing term for illegally using perforated dog food cans to bait a trap)
"Damn, she's so fine! She says she likes me too."
"No man, she's way out of your league. She's just chumming."
by tylersnard May 16, 2009
the act of having unprotected intercourse with a woman during her menstrual cycle, a.k.a. on the rag
man, i went chumming last night and woke up this morning crusted to my bedsheets.... looked like my penis was involved in stabbing something to death.
by The White Chocolate May 02, 2008
Black men in the act of attempting to seduce, persuade, or "holla" at white women, in hopes of having filthy, interracial sex.
Yo Andrew! Look at those two nigs trying to pick up those white girls! Those brothers are chumming! If any of those girls take the bait, surely they are mudsharks...
by BMyaz November 16, 2009

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