Adjective to describe dirty old man like features on a person such as, wrinkles, crust and clefts in the skin.
People can also have a chumley voice, say if it is squeaky or husky and slurred.

If a person wears a wig and makes it obvious that they are wearing a wig by changing it every few minutes, they are also described as a chumley character.
'eurgh!, that guy's extremely chumley over there.'

'oh no! he sounds very chumley!'
by Raith Potterson January 12, 2008
Top Definition
The occurance of a female defecating in a male's ear.
She gave me the best chumley ever last night.
by ctfriend April 05, 2009
A fat doofus sidekick you just can't seem to shake off.
We'll meet you at 2, but leave Chumley at home.
by Chum Lee January 31, 2004
When u crack an un-announced stiffy in an everyday situation
Man when rhonda walked in i cracked the biggest Chumley
by kampeasy June 16, 2010
To completely ruin or mess up a simple task. To completely and utterly fail. Someone who is completely useless, a total failure.
I pulled a real chumley on that homework assignment. That friend of yours is a real chumley.
by Ca1v1n September 20, 2010
when your testicles are placed into glass of water with a straw while your girlfriend or wife blows on the straw sending bubbles up and around the scrotum.
Wow, that chumley feels the same as when i fart in the bath tub.
by Bobby Rice January 21, 2005
Noun 1)A fat obnoxious walrus like idiot who shows up univited to gatherings and needs to bathe and read a book 2) a fat blowhard. 3) The sexual act of a man sticking his testes into a body of water while his partner blows bubbles in the water
Great! The Chumleys are here! Road trip to Denys!
by Evil Penis February 28, 2005

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