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Is when a female is not the cleanest "Down below" and smells like Fish/Chum in a bucket.

WARNING: Do NOT go swimming in the ocean with this person(s).
An unexpected pack of seagulls suddenly arrive and are curious about the location of the Chumbucket, or smaller fish flee the area when swimming.
by pseudonym guy February 05, 2010
An ugly woman friend you wouldn't have as your girlfriend, but would sleep with when you're bored.
I'm just off out to shag me chumbucket
by ScottnJoanne June 06, 2007
The way of describing a place to eat food (café, restaurant, takeaway store) that a person has had a bad experience at. To do with the quality of food at the location. Usually associated with an eating place that is dirty and unkept/poor.
That place we went to last night was a Chumbucket.
by Kegman February 19, 2005
yet another collequilism for "vagina"
"Hi my name's Plankton and I work at a burger joint called the Chum Bucket..."

okay, bad example.

"Ugh, I hate eating Chum Bucket, it just smells like rotten tuna!"
a "chum bucket" is someone who thinks that they are your best friend for life, when in actual fact, they have only known you for about a week or so!
What the fuck are you following me for? Just get away, you f**king chum bucket!!
by knobby February 09, 2005