Top Definition
Noun - A word used to describe a woman's vagina during menstruation in a sexual context.

Adjective - A derogatory term used to describe some one meaning a menstruating vagina.

Etymology -
The term is believed to be based on the idea of a pot full of bloody fish parts (chum) which are typically used when fishing for carniverous fish, such as blue fish or sharks.
i.e. N. Remeber that chick i was talking to at the bar? She had the chum pot going on, i had to wear a rubber and a garbage bag to complete the mission.

Adj . Bill stole my pizza, that guy is a real chum pot.
by shooooteh January 24, 2005
the vagina. Called chumpot because of the smell emitted enticing men to bite on the hook.
That Chumpot is fine looking, but I ain't biting on that bait!
by Der Chumpothund January 24, 2010
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