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1. When you laugh at the joke for 5 minutes before the punchline.

2. When you drop your chicken on the ground.

3. When you pat your hair when you're nervous.

4. When you watch mychonny 99 times and you laugh each time.
jess: You know what happened?!
lucy: what?
jess: HAHAHAH.
5 minutes later...
jess: She walked into a wheelbarrow!
lucy: chucking a jess

jess: Oh no! My chicken fell again! -sniff-
lucy: chucking a jess

jess: The canteen ripped me off 5 cents.
person 2: Go get it back!!
jess: *head down* *sniffs* *pats hair*
person 2: chucking a jess
#chucking #jess #major #crime #oh no
by turtle-paws February 07, 2012
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