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a chucha is an ecuadorian descendent from the mountains connected to the Mexican culture... think they are so fresh but really they are little pussy bitches and the are really gay who touch guys asses alot. the girls are dirty and fat and look like monkeys
he is a chucha to da fullest!!
by bobbyboii77 January 02, 2008
30 140
ecuadorian slang for pussy
chucha tu madre !!!!!!
by steel August 05, 2004
394 123
Girls pussy in spanish (used in Ecuador)
by Guayaco October 03, 2003
268 126
Slang cuss in used in Chile

can mean:

a)Holy shit!!!
b)What the Fuck??!!
c)Go to Hell!!
b)Que chucha??!!
c)Andate a la chucha!!
by davemeistro May 19, 2005
208 91
Exclamation made by most Ecuadorians usually in a time of anger or admiration.

Also may refer to a woman's coochi
"oooo man, I forgot my homework, Chucha!"
by domrimazo February 13, 2010
73 36
Colombian slang for body odor (armpit odor)

puto, hueles a chucha pasada!
you smell like roten armpit, fuker
by Loco18 March 01, 2006
91 124
Spanish word for FuCk
chucha! i lost da bus
by Antonio July 20, 2004
64 128
bitch (spanish slang term)
Pare Ud. estar una chucha.
by terrell mateo May 17, 2003
38 144